Thursday, 6 December 2018

Why you should buy Cadbury Choolate

I believe that you should buy Cadbury dairy milk chocolate so that you can feel the same
delicious feeling I experience when eating Cadbury Dairy milk Chocolate.
When you take a bite from this delicious chocolate you will experience fresh milky flavor.
It's  so yum it's so indescribable. The chocolate cover your taste buds like and blanket and
gives you flavour no other chocolate companies can provide you. You also have it melt so it
spreads around your mouth.

Now let's talk about the price. The price is so cheap compared to any other chocolate.
Our big size chocolate is cheaper than the average size of and Whittakers chocolate bar.
Most Cadbury Chocolate bars are around $3.50.

This magnificent chocolate includes flavors such as Cocoa Butter, COCOA SOLIDS

Now if you like chocolate I highly recommend you to buy Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
because of the flavours the price and feeling of joy when eating it.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Co- ed Schools

Going to a coed school which is a mixed gender school we would get to experience
the brother and sister bond. You may learn to respect a different gender.
The population of the school would increase because they can invite male and female.
So we provide information that more than 60 percent of room 8  agree that coed schools are better than
same school. Also in 75 percent vote for co-ed schools in Debate. Org.

  • Brother and sister bond
  • Respect
  • Population of the school

If we had mixed schools we would be able to have more sport opportunities and we will have more
sport teams. If we had mixed schools we would have more students and we would be able to represent
people and follow other people like their idols. If we had mixed schools the boys will have the
opportunity to try out sports like Volleyball, netball, cheer leading and other sports and the girls could
have the opportunity to play Rugby, soccer, baseball and other sports.  We would be prepared for the
real world.
  • Sport teams
  • Opportunities
  • All boy and girls sport teams and mixed teams

  • Transportation
  • Money
  • Family

If we had mixed gender schools, we won't really have to worry about transport fees because you just
have to go to one school to drop off all the kids and go back home. If we had mixed schools we could
have enough money fundraisers to buy vans for transportation, technology to publish work online and
furniture like chairs, tables, stools, blinds, clocks, internet, posters and other school things. We can
also catch up with other family members.

Most people voted for Coed schools due to information gathered from.

Success Criteria
S.C.1: Select important facts to backup my claims.
S.C.2: Use persuasive language.
S.C.3: Present my topic > 1 minute.

S.C.4: Follow the debate form.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

How Can We Use Advent In Our Life

Thinking about your attitude is a important thing to do .
To follow the way of Christ it is best to have a positive behavior. Language is really important.
Young kids idolize some famous people say word that is considered a curse.
Behavior can put people that's why you should use bright behavior and a positive attitude.
You also use positive language and try not to put people down.

Going church is a really important thing. But if you are not going there to praise God.
Then next time you should go there to praise God.
A big part of Advent is the Sundays of Advent.
If you  want to live the life of Advent I recommend you listen to the preaching of Advent.

Make time of peace and silence, to remember the death and the suffering of the people all
around the world. For all whose going through war and all who can not pay rent or buy food.

Take care of your brothers and sisters. Love them with all your heart.
Don't argue with them and remember that you are family.Related image

Monday, 6 August 2018

Interview with Rafe khatchadorian!!!

L.I.: Use questioning to clarify our thinking about what we are reading.

Bold is Rafe, Normal is interviewer
So hello Rafe and welcome back to the best talk show out there. So  we heard you are having a ultimate
showdown with your sister. Yes. So what I will do is ask you a couple of questions.  Okay.

What is the point of you and your sister having a ultimate showdown?
Well it is to see who an say the best stories and explanation to persuade the reader who has
the best lines.

Why do you care about eating breakfast only in  breakfast and dinner only in dinner?
Because I believe it is not fair to not have the choice to have a decision of eating what you want
to in different times anytime you would want.

What was the main point of the bullies talk?
The bullies talk was mainly about how stupid bullies can be and ho annoying bullies can get
and how to escape there contact.

Okay what was your favourite section?
The food section!

So what was the most embarrassing moment?
When my sister exposed me about the dance.

Have you ever interviewed someone
Yes a character from a different book as a guest star.

Do you always have crazy adventures like this?
Well yes all my books involve me going on hectic adventure.

What started this whole war?
Well my sister thought she could narrate better than me and it all went of from there.

What was the first book you where in?
Middle school worst year of my life.

Why do you love to go on crazy adventure?
It is fun and it sometimes gets me out of trouble.

Thank you Rafe for having this interview and goodbye!