Thursday, 6 December 2018

Why you should buy Cadbury Choolate

I believe that you should buy Cadbury dairy milk chocolate so that you can feel the same
delicious feeling I experience when eating Cadbury Dairy milk Chocolate.
When you take a bite from this delicious chocolate you will experience fresh milky flavor.
It's  so yum it's so indescribable. The chocolate cover your taste buds like and blanket and
gives you flavour no other chocolate companies can provide you. You also have it melt so it
spreads around your mouth.

Now let's talk about the price. The price is so cheap compared to any other chocolate.
Our big size chocolate is cheaper than the average size of and Whittakers chocolate bar.
Most Cadbury Chocolate bars are around $3.50.

This magnificent chocolate includes flavors such as Cocoa Butter, COCOA SOLIDS

Now if you like chocolate I highly recommend you to buy Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
because of the flavours the price and feeling of joy when eating it.

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  1. Kia Ora Sunia. My name is Rebekah and I am a year 8 student at Karoro School. I like your persuasive piece of writing about cadbury chocolate. This term my classes focus around writing is persuasive. I like Cadbury chocolate too, but I also like Whittakers. Do you have any other brands of chocolate that you like?

    Some of your sentences need commas, and few times your writing doesn’t make sense. Somewhere it says “and”, when I think it should say “an”. Your title also needs to be changed, as it says Chocolate, when it should be chocolate.

    If you had to do another persuasive piece of writing, what topic would you choose? Would you choose a world event?